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🎙️ How Shannon got a legal role by networking

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Hope you’re having a great weekend, guys!

I asked you a couple weeks back if you’d like more interviews with people in law to learn from their journeys.

It seemed to go down well — here are some of the comments I received 👇️ 

So I’m excited to introduce Shannon — a tax solicitor at Burges Salmon.

Shannon uses her Instagram page and YouTube channel to give career tips + share a real window into her life as a lawyer.

I honestly think Shannon’s posts are the most creative law content I’ve seen (if you’re a Bridgerton fan, you’ll want to watch this).

Through her videos, Shannon’s committed to improving diversity in the legal industry, giving everyone a better opportunity to break into law.

Check out this story about how she land a legal role through her own network that she built! 👇️ 

I’m still testing these interview formats. So that I’m able to give you guys what you want, let me know your thoughts.

- Idin


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So, Ketchup - does it go in the fridge or cupboard?


Good, now that’s sorted — what’s your best piece of application advice?

Invest time into learning how to draft applications well and interview well.

What’s the most common mistake people make in their law applications?

Giving answers that are generic, not tailored or personalised — a mistake I made on all my apps in my first cycle!

… and how do you fix that?

Really, really scrutinise whether your answers are specific to that firm and to you.

Look up examples to see how other people have tailored their answers (there are a few good videos on YouTube!).

If you had to guess, how many applications did you make before you got your training contract?

Around 9 or 10

How can someone bounce back after getting a rejection? 

Get feedback!

Either from the firm directly, but if that is not available, ask someone else to read over your application and give you feedback. Be open-minded and self aware of your weaknesses and how you can improve.

What’s one thing about Burges Salmon that’s surprised you?

Everyone at the firm is genuinely so nice and kind. People are really supportive and generous with their time when it comes to learning.

How would you explain your role as a tax lawyer to your grandma?

My role mainly involves providing advice and drafting the tax aspects of various documents.

I don’t do any tax returns! (other than my own, and that is more than enough for me!)

I’m guessing tax was your favourite seat during your training contract — what about your least favourite seat?

I’d have to say my personal injury seat, simply because I enjoyed my other seats more!

Did you buy something for yourself with your first pay cheque after you qualified?

This is really boring, but I just put a load of money into my ISA when I qualified 😅

If you could change one thing about the world of commercial law, what would it be? 

I want to see more female leaders!

I’m excited to see this (hopefully) change over time.


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