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“I love reading the newsletter, it's a great way to keep up with current events while being extremely accessible and easy to read.”

Lilyana GeorgievaFuture trainee solicitor at Hogan Lovells

“I love how LittleLaw makes commercial news digestible and fun to read! The 'Featured Report' section keeps me updated and helps me prepare for interviews.”

Joyce YiuParalegal at Dentons

“LittleLaw was so helpful for keeping me up in the legal loop, especially for my assessment centre.”

Gabriel PangClifford Chance SPARK attendee and Co-founder of UniScoops

“LittleLaw was the most important commercial awareness resource I used when applying for vacation schemes and training contracts. It enabled me to confidently talk about commercial issues in interviews and at assessment centres with top law firms.”

Evangeline TaylorFuture trainee solicitor at CMS

“Reading the LittleLaw newsletters has improved my confidence in both understanding and discussing commercial news. Unlike other newsletters, there is no premium option so it’s great to receive all of this information straight to my inbox for free!”

Ore AdeyinkaParalegal at Hogan Lovells

“Consistently reading LittleLaw has been improving not only my general commercial instinct, but my legal understanding and ability to simplify the issues. I appreciate you and all the team!”

Mariana MoraisLaw with Criminology graduate from University of Sussex

“LittleLaw is an engaging newsletter that uses text and memes to break down news. The tone is friendly - like a discussion. The 'Featured Report' has enhanced my understanding of how commercial news impacts legal practices.”

Ondine RenLPC student at the University of Law

“LittleLaw has been beneficial in enhancing my commercial awareness. This played a pivotal role in my achievement of a first-year scheme at Reed Smith and in successfully completing a work experience at Slaughter and May.”

Kelvin AkhigbeLaw student at the University of Leeds

“LittleLaw has been a revelation for me in understanding the legal industry. I learn something every week and highly recommend it. It's free, takes a few minutes to read, and offers engaging topics for my work as a finance lawyer at a Magic Circle firm.”

Misbah QamarAssociate at Clifford Chance

“I am a consistent reader of the LittleLaw newsletter. I find them extremely informative, easy-to-read and there’s always a variety of topics! As a law student, I find them beneficial to keep my commercial awareness up to date and I have recommended to several of my peers.”

Courtney ChambersLaw student at Leeds Trinity University

“The LittleLaw newsletters have been amazing at increasing my confidence with commercial awareness. They are digestible as they are neatly presented and use the perfect tone, making it easier to grasp and remember in interviews. I really like when a news story is put into the header 'Why should law firms care?'. Plus, it's free and weekly!”

Reanna SandhuParalegal at Aston University

“LittleLaw is a fantastic resource and differentiates itself from other commercial awareness newsletters in various ways. Firstly, Idin makes a real effort to diversify his sources, using news outlets - like the Guardian,, and Insider Media - that people usually wouldn’t visit for their legal or commercial fix, saving you time and drawing you away from the more traditional 'Financial Time only' approach. Secondly, the newsletter’s presentation offers something for those who want their commercial awareness quickly as well as people who have a bit more time to catch up with the latest stories. I would strongly recommend LittleLaw to any aspiring solicitor, not only because it helped me secure a training contract at a silver circle law firm, but also simply because it's free!”

Rhys MacCarterFuture Trainee Solicitor at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

“I love receiving the LittleLaw newsletter. It breaks down, in easy-to-digest bites, current affairs and their impact on the legal sector. It's filled with insightful information whilst still being humorous enough to make for an easy read!”

Chinenye AnaduCommercial paralegal at Deloitte Legal

“LittleLaw is one of my top ways to keep up-to-date with recent commercial news stories. The featured reports help me in my commercial thinking as to why law firms will care about events. I have been able to use this skill in my writing to progress to interviews at Magic Circle firms.”

Lauren Douglas-SheaLaw student at Cardiff University

“The Q&A style of the LittleLaw reports makes absorbing current commercial affairs so much easier and really helps me retain the information. I’ve always found better consistency in developing commercial awareness when it’s in a bitesize and easy to read format, and the LittleLaw newsletter does this perfectly. Also having one newsletter per week means that I’ve never felt bombarded with loads of stuff that I probably wouldn’t read!”

Jada AkuffoParalegal at We Are Social

“LittleLaw is only one of two law newsletters that I am still subscribed to after trialling several. It's concise, easy to read, and it doesn't bore me to sleep! The 'in other news' section is super useful to pick and choose which topics to read about further. The biggest difference has to be how well-written the articles are, and it is always a joy to see my inbox with a fresh newsletter for the week!”

Kaush K MadhavkFuture Trainee Solicitor at Harrison Clark Rickerbys

“LittleLaw has been an essential part of my journey from law school to my current in-house role. As an international law student, LittleLaw was my window into deciphering the UK legal landscape. I most appreciated the straightforward approach to commercial awareness without complex legalese. ”

Shasank KongerLegal team member at Hashed

“LittleLaw is a well-organised and useful tool for law students and legal professionals. It's written in a way that makes complex legal concepts easily understandable. The newsletter constantly delivers insightful and relevant content on a variety of legal topics. I recommend this newsletter to anyone looking for reliable and enlightening legal insights.”

Ife ObasaLaw student at the University of Southampton

“LittleLaw makes business news a lot more digestible and engaging! The tone of the newsletter is like you are conversing with peers and I enjoy how varied the topics covered in the 'Featured Report' section are. My commercial awareness has improved significantly since subscribing, enabling me to successfully hold my own during interviews and secure a training contract.”

Giorgia MerighiFuture Trainee at Lewis Silkin

“The LittleLaw newsletter keeps me up to date on relevant current affairs in a way that is simultaneously comprehensive while still being easily digestible. The newsletter is always brimming with personality, making it a real joy to read and a weekly highlight in my inbox!”

Calvin TanTrainee solicitor at Mayer Brown

“I have been reading LittleLaw for over a year now and it is definitely one of the best newsletters out there. Mainly focusing on key business and legal updates, it really helps aspiring solicitors to stay on top of interesting news, but it can benefit anyone that wishes to improve their commercial awareness. The best thing about LittleLaw is that the people behind it share complicated news in a fun way, so it is very easy for anyone to understand and follow! 10/10 👌🏻 ”

Niya MinchevaConveyancing assistant at Birkett Long

“Succinct, clear and jargon-free - LittleLaw has been one of my favourite resources to build up my commercial awareness. Looking forward to apply what I have learnt in reading LittleLaw newsletters in my future vacation scheme and training contract interviews.”

Stan YauStudent at the University of Law

“LittleLaw has been my weekly email companion since 2017, when I first signed up following a recommendation at university. At the time, ‘commercial awareness’ was a new and vague concept, and certainly felt neither accessible nor entertaining. Six years down the line, I’ve enjoyed countless laughs while reading the weekly Editor’s Ramble and scrolling through the memes and gifs. Most of all, I love feeling that I’m actually enjoying the process of acquiring commercial awareness. LittleLaw has treated every issue imaginatively, exhaustively and with great humour for the past six years. Thank you truly for LittleLaw!”

Eric KibogoLegal intern at MMAN Advocates

“As a non-law graduate, I have found LittleLaw to have been of enormous help to me during the firm application process. For example, I was able to talk about the issues of law firms listing as public companies in a TC interview due to the newsletter’s coverage of Ince Group’s administration (not to mention, you get access to all this material completely free!)”

Alex CarterFuture trainee solicitor at Watson Farley & Williams

“I have been an avid reader of the LittleLaw newsletter since 2020. Every issue is a well-crafted compilation of updates on law firm deals, analysis of landmark cases, commercial trends, and of course a splash of humour, that keep me informed and up to date. The concise yet comprehensive nature of the LittleLaw newsletter ensures that I can easily grasp complex legal concepts without feeling overwhelmed.”

Fehreen KhanDocument reviewer at the SFO

“I love LittleLaw because the newsletters are remarkably well-written and designed to stick in your mind. The writing style is succinct, and the addition of fun gifs keeps it light and enjoyable. LittleLaw has helped me stay up-to-date with commercial awareness - it's extremely valuable for any aspiring solicitor. If you're short on time and want to stay informed, LittleLaw is the go-to source.”

Ananya MalaviyaSenior associate at LawSikho

“LittleLaw’s weekly emails are nothing less than a lifesaver for my law firm interview prep. They played a significant role in me securing two competitive first-year schemes and a vacation scheme at a Magic Circle law firm.”

Ayush SanghaviLaw student at the University of Cambridge

“I use LittleLaw to demystify commercial awareness. I’ve enjoyed it over other platforms because of the simplicity in its delivery. The funny tone is really pleasant to read (and it's free!). LittleLaw makes me feel more confident in discussing commercial topics.”

Hortensia KanikaLaw graduate from University of Essex

“LittleLaw concisely explains the link between commercial developments and the legal industry without omitting significant details. I also appreciate how varied LittleLaw's content is. The law firm filter on the website is also useful when applying to specific firms.”

Kainat ShahFuture trainee solicitor at CMS

“Of all the legal commercial newsletters I read, I would sincerely name LittleLaw as my favourite one hands down. I love the ‘key takeaway’ summary at the start because I feel like I’ve still gained something valuable even when I only have a few moments to spare. But what I love most is how engaging it is: from the interaction with readers (through the votes and questions) to its wonderful balance of content (both informative & comprehensive yet random & relatable), LittleLaw has made catching up on legal news feel like far less of a chore for me and I find myself looking forward to reading it every week!”

Koyin OnakomaiyaFuture trainee solicitor at Norton Rose Fulbright

“I’m so glad that LittleLaw exists! Getting commercial news in a fun and bitesize format is honestly a lifesaver. Cannot recommend it more ❤️❤️”

Natasha RaggooLaw graduate from London South Bank University

“It can feel extremely overwhelming for students to stay commercially aware. LittleLaw allows complex matters to be understood in a fun way. A complete life saver!”

Noor FaridLaw graduate from the University of Birmingham