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🛢️ It’s another oil mega-deal


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If you take just one thing from this email…

A bunch of American energy companies are merging, with ConocoPhillips buying Marathon Oil for $17.1 billion. This trend is reshaping the US energy sector, creating larger but fewer companies. Regulators are concerned about these mergers as they could lead to less competition and higher oil prices. But energy companies argue that the mergers make them more efficient, lowering the prices they can charge.


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🛢️ It’s another oil mega-deal

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What's going on here?

ConocoPhillips (a Texas-based energy company) has agreed to buy Marathon Oil (another Texas-based energy company) for $17.1 billion in an all-stock transaction. That means the Marathon Oil shareholders (the sellers) will get ConocoPhillips shares instead of cash.

You can read Conoco’s public announcement here.

When will the deal complete?

The deal’s expected to complete at the end of this year.

Before it completes, it needs to get approval from Marathon Oil’s shareholders as well as clearance from competition regulators (more on this later).

What’s the big picture effect?

🤝 Energy companies are merging: Despite low global activity for mergers and acquisitions, there’s a trend of American oil companies being bought up by competitors.

You get the idea — there’s loads of US energy deals right now!

The energy sector in the US is being entirely reshaped by this trend creating bigger energy companies but fewer of them (that’s the nightmare recipe for competition regulators).

🔍 Beware of the regulators: Because of all the mergers, the competition regulators in the US are trying to decide where to draw the line. On one hand, bigger companies means more efficiency and lower costs (which can help consumers). On the other hand, if a company gets too big, they’ll have too much power to set a price for oil without enough competitors existing to drive the price down.

The Permian Basin: the most important energy-producing region in the US.

After this transaction, just ten companies control over half of the oil and gas coming from the Permian Basin, the most important energy-producing region in the US.

Which law firms are involved?

Of course, for a massive American transaction, you need the US heavy-hitter law firms.

Conoco: Wachtell Lipton is serving as ConocoPhillips’ legal advisor.

Marathon Oil: Kirkland & Ellis is advising Marathon Oil.

This deal is a big payday for the lawyers — it’s among the top 10 biggest transactions announced so far this year.

Why should law firms care about this?

Global presence matters (it’s why the biggest UK law firms are trying to break America) — being in the US gets you access to the biggest deals.

And for the biggest energy deals? Well, you’ll have to go to Texas for those.


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